I published my first personal book ever today, and I’m really glad. Been on it for days now, thanks to Google, YouTube and the Paystack support team. It’s been an awesome experience – now I feel like I can do ANYTHING.

Quick one, imagine this picture here is the cover image of my new book, would you be intrigued by it? Does this picture here strike you as captivating? Listen to this.

The poems in this book span over years, poems I’ve been writing since 2012 (My laptop crashed around that time, so poems I had written years before the went with it. I wasn’t pained though. I knew I was going to write more). So when I tell you it took a long time coming, it indeed took a long time.

During this time, I learnt a lot of things by myself, graphics design being one of them. Back in OAU, I simply decided to stay back in school during a certain holiday and I practically taught myself CorelDraw and Photoshop. It was an experience. And as an amateur, I learnt it.

Since then, I’ve gotten better at it. Created many graphics designs for my church, people and even my office. I was good enough at it for the basics. I always knew though, I’m just an amateur. I didn’t strive to learn more, except from discoveries I make while producing designs. I do a lot of trials and tastings by myself.

So naturally, when it was time to make a cover design of my book, I simply opened CorelDraw on my system, and came up with this. I showed a couple of people, they made their comments and I made few adjustments. One even asked to help give it out to a really badass designer, tested and proven to, I said no. I’m okay with this. It’s cool enough. I did this. It’s my handiwork. I’m proud of it. And all that BS.


But suddenly, I looked at it again while going through my content for the last time and I realised “Boy! This content is too great to be rubbished by such an amateurish cover design!” Like I knew, right there and then, this design is okay but not great. I need help!

So, in my spontaneity, I reached out to one of my authors whose book I had published, asked for the number of her designer and reached out to him, Abelceler Designs. Gave him the photo I wanted and waited for the output. By the way, I really love that cover image. Abraham Winner is the one. She’s so photo gorgeous and it exactly depicted what I had in mind, so I asked for her permission to use it and being so sweet, she granted it.

When it came, I knew I would have made the greatest mistake of my life yet if I had gone through with my decision to publish with this. The difference was so clear as crystal! And I knew something you need to know now.

YOU NEED ALL THE HELP YOU CAN GET in life to break some grounds. And some times, you would have to PAY for it. Good things don’t exactly come free. True, sometimes they come cheap, but still, you gotta pay something. You gotta make a commitment to it. Just like good friendship, you gotta sacrifice and put in something.

I won’t talk much about this. Just compare both pictures and let that be a lesson already.

Don’t forget to get your copy for just #1,000 through this;


I hope you enjoy the thrills of reading, as I enjoyed the pleasure of writing it. Thank you.

Deji Adeyemi
Author, Colours of Identity