90% of the time when you lose a phone, a laptop or an important gadget at home, your next line of thought is, “How do I replace it?” After this, you begin to work out a course of action; whether to save more, pull out of your savings, ask someone for help, plan on your next income and so on. Only very few of the time do you not think of replacing them.

For gadgets and tools, fair enough. However, if I were to bring friends and people into the equation, the percentage reduces. It’s safe to say that less than 50% of the time when you lose a friend, you don’t always think of replacing them. One, because they cannot be replaced – everyone is unique in who they are and the hole they fill.

Second, you would likely think of moving on. Whether you lost them to death, relocation, miscommunication or anything, your prevalent thinking is how much you miss them but would rather move on than dwell on the past.

With all these, it is safe for me to tell you, you deserve a do-over. Not in friendships, not in lost gadgets but in time and how you use time. Last time, I wrote to you, pleading you take time but not waste it. Today, I am encouraging you to know and realize that you deserve a do-over.

Have you failed at anything?! Did you make a wrong call in business or money matters? Did you lose someone because you were insensitive to what they required of you? Or you are just leaving people behind because you thought that’s the best and only way yo avoid heartbreak or being disappointed?


Actually, it’s okay to feel like that you don’t deserve a thing after what happened. To think that it was your fault and you should be punished for it. Or to think it was the other party’s fault so you should punish them for it. Or that you don’t care whose fault it is, you just want peace of mind and a clean mental break.

Fine, fine, and fine.

However, I need you to realize that the weight of judgement you put on yourself or others who you had bad dealings with would impact on the good dealings you hope to cultivate. Money and people are part of a cycle. Whether they be in different denominations and currencies, or they be different colors, races and personalities, they are all made of the same cycle. So, what goes around would always come around. Like it or not.

You would still meet people on your way up. Some would be exactly like that ones you left behind. Others would be different only to go higher up and meet the same type of people. Spend naira, dollars, pounds or rupiah, you would still calculate it in the currency you are most familiar with.

I’ve been in Indonesia for over a year now, and although I don’t exactly think in naira, but anytime I buy something in rupiah, there’s always a thing in my mind wondering how much it is in naira. I bought a smart wristwatch online, and although it was cheap compared to buying it from the mall, but when I calculated it in naira, it was above 10k. I was shocked!


So, you see, everything is just a cycle of the same piece of chill and shit. You deserve a do-over, an opportunity to choose differently and make the most of a situation, make the most of people and friendships. To do good, you would always need another opportunity. Don’t deprive yourself.

Taking time but not wasting it means doing something wrong many times but having the mind to continue until you get it right – and then never stopping. Not wasting time doesn’t mean quitting. It doesn’t mean getting scared to take the bold steps. It means making the best of every chance you get in time, even if you have to do it over and over again.

Today, I want you to remind yourself, “I deserve a do-over. For myself, for people and for things, I owe it to myself to try again. And for every time I try, I would try differently, and not ever the same way.”

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