Right now, I am going to write about how you can want something and commit to it. That will be my focus. Of course, my topic will probably be writing.

For ease, I will itemise them.

1. If you want to do, please do. There’s no ‘stop it, I like it.’

2. There are shortcuts to writing, but none of them involves plagiarism.

3. Stop abbreviations and short forms, even on Facebook Messenger. (I can’t emphasise this enough)

4. Stop trying to impress with your outputs. You try too hard, and you fail.

5. Consequent to 4, you fall victim to big words and complex subject matters. Easy does it.

6. I beg you in the name of God, don’t use your writing mentors as instructional materials. Learn from them. There’s a difference.

7. Writing is NOT total. Outlines are good, but they are not the sum total of your output.

8. Writers are gods, but not God. We don’t always see the end from the beginning. The ones we see, we are so unfaithful that we change it.

9. Your phone has notes, right? Mine has Samsung Notes. I use mine, please use yours.

10. I am a writer, not a machine. Same applies to you. Don’t be robotic.

11. Irrelevant info is still irrelevant info. Abeg comot am.

12. Whatever you do, write simply. Simple is classic.

Bonus round: Stop tagging people to ‘comman see’, especially when they are not directly involved.