Win or Lose, Put in Your Best and Have Some Fun!

I witnessed another amazing scene the other day, and I was reminded how much as kids we ought to live.

By hook and crook, I was goaded into joining an outside event. As much as I didn’t mind being out there, honestly, I’d rather stay indoors – I’m an indoor guy.

Anyway, during the event, there were games of many kinds just as there were adults & kids present. Interestingly, last of the game was a tug of war.

We participated in groups, one against the other. After this, there was a sort of freestyle session, and the excited kids joined in. I’m not even sure some of them really understood what was going on, except that the adults were tugging at a rope and it looked like fun. So they joined on one side.

As they attempted to pull, in their church mind, they kept pulling. Expectedly, the side without kids were a little bit lenient to let the kids have the win. And suddenly, everybody started to jubilate.

One little boy just stood there. He didn’t realize they had won! He didn’t even know they had won. I’m sure he didn’t even understand what it requires to win in such a game.

Yet, he participated. Why? Because it looked like fun! Other kids were doing it, so he joined in.

Eventually someone encouraged him to clap by holding his hands and clapping them together. Excitedly, he clapped.

I smiled. The little boy probably didn’t even understand what he was celebrating. He just wanted to and was having fun.

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Sometimes in life, it’s good to take serious things easy and do them for the fun derived in doing them. No, not things that would harm others or yourself, of course. And definitely, don’t join the multitude to do evil (or even harmless good).

However, sometimes as adults, we are too focused on winning. I saw other adults stamping their foot regrettably cause they lost (to be fair to them, they were smiling – ’twas just a game, after all). But still, they would have loved to win, at least for brotherly love bragging rights.😅

In more serious instances, we want to win at all cost. We focus so much on results, and lose sight of the pleasure of the process, actions and happy moments themselves.

We need to be more like this little boy, win or lose, put in your best and have some fun.