Why You Gotta Give Second Chances…

There are many ways you enter into a person’s life. Sometimes, its intentional, sometimes it’s not. You can enter through service; serving or being served.

Let’s not discount the ones you enter through fight and a bit of judgmental opinion.

“He’s so proud.”

“She’s very selfish.”

“I thought s/he loved me.”

“Can I know you more?”However, whichever way one enters into a friendship or relationship, you should have realised by now that there is always more than meet the eyes. Days or maybe weeks into it, you begin to KNOW and FEEL. You begin to SEE and REALISE.

Then, you either choose to continue because you like what you now know, feel, see and realise or you break that link because it wasn’t what you expected. This, I might say, is the point of Rubicon.

You must realise by now that first impression, although lasts long, are nothing compared to second opinion. When you hit that moment of “Oh oh! So this is how it is?!”

That moment is very crucial. The decision you make in this moment will reveal whether there is something worth keeping or you would need to let go. Many friendships and relationships don’t survive this period.

It’s the period of awakening; where you either go forward or draw back. Take a look at your friendships and relationships, the one that you are in now and the ones that didn’t make it pass infancy, do you ever remember that moment?

That moment where you decided to give it all, commit to it or geddif**k away from it ’cause it was just not it! Yeah, that’s it. Honestly, we sometimes don’t remember these moments except in hindsight.


But right now, my points are:

1. Whatever reasons you enter into a friendship/relationship aren’t as important as why you keep them. And that, is what you gotta protect.

2. When shove comes to push, who stays and who goes is gotta be your choice and decision, with carefully weighed constructive opinions from valued people, of course.

3. You can make friends and people you love for wrong, bad, selfish reasons (sometimes), but you gotta change to keep them for the right ones. Else, it will implode.

4. True love (and pure intentions) always give second chances. If there’s ever still a chance, love will find it. You then, choose to give it.

Talk soon.