So, apparently, there’s an app called WhatsMock. I’m shocked as you are, but hold on. The function of the app is create fake WhatsApp chats with real contacts and probably real life issues.

Which means, with this app, you can easily create a topic of discussion, put words into the mouth of your other contact, insert your own words to make a make-believe conversation. It is so real you would hardly mistake it for a fake conversation.

Now you are shocked?! Welcome to the party! I was literally astounded when I discovered it. I went straight to Google Playstore, downloaded it and conducted a mock experiment! Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I was shocked!

        It brought a lot of things into perspective for me. My mind suddenly went back to tens of chats always spread around social media as proof of an allegation. A lady accuses a guy of some unlawful behaviors and next thing, there is show of proof: a WhatsApp chat showing what supposedly transpired between both parties. Unfortunately, social media apostles who have no idea of the true picture of things would easily begin to form opinions and conclusions based a conversation that could well be forged!

More dangerous was the moment I realized that social media has really gone way ahead of us to paint an unreal picture to us! Someone actually sat down to build such an app made to fool people and probably destroy lives of people who took it beyond its rightful usage. I was shocked, appalled and ashamed at the same time. What exactly is real again?

Of course, we always have preached the gospel of not living our lives by social media standards and principles. This is a reinforcement. Obviously, social media has proved to be a phantom castle where there are lots of fake lifestyles, blatant lies and exaggerated truths. Now, with this, something as basic as WhatsApp chats have suddenly become a weapon to make fake realities.


        Some people use it to create funny chats and voice notes that really crack us up and we laugh about it. We realize it cannot be real but we laugh still. Yet, we never stop to consider its implications when used as proof of false allegations! If only we look at it from the angle of people who would have become victims of this evil.

Business people now use this app to create false chats of validation and reviews from fake customers. They create false bank alerts and conversations between people just to get us to buy what they sell. Even copywriters and content creators use this app to sell a message/copy. Unfortunately, the basic truth is that it is still a make-believe.


        I really do hope we would from now, take a minute longer than before to consider everything we see on social media. Nothing is ever as it seems. Social media has gone way beyond your knowledge as an ordinary user. Unfortunately, the people who know the real extent of social media and use it have always taken us for fools on a ride. I hope this mail to you would free you from this zombie apocalypse.

Be careful what you believe on social media. Again, nothing is ever as it seems. I created a fake chat with my alter ego, Conversation Series as proof. I did a screenshot. You should know that there are apps like this for Telegram, Viber, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Fake Bank Alert and many more. Be guided. Click here for some real apps you should have.


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