There are few things you must understand about referrals, specifically, people to repost your business or brand on their personal or business space.

Basic concept: VALUE

This is something basic I hope to get out of the way first. Value is the currency with which you trade. Hence, people pay for your value. However, value is relative: what is valuable to one is not necessarily of value to another. Why? Needs and wants differ. It is not a question of good or bad.So, understand that when I say ‘valuable to them’, I mean something they do not need at the moment. It does not mean your business or brand is poor or inferior.

Let’s get to it, shall we?

1. When your product is of personal value to your friends or circle, they would most probably refer you, without you asking.

2. However, your business might be valuable to them, but they most probably don’t just think to post it on their TL or share with others.

3. Your business might not be of value to them, i.e. they probably don’t need it, but they might still post it just for the sake of friendship.

4. Even when it is not valuable to them, they might not repost. Why? Bcause they don’t think that the fact you are friends makes them responsible to reposting your business.

5. They could find your business valuable but don’t think the people in their circle needs those specific services you render. So, they don’t think to refer or repost.

6. Even when they don’t find your business valuable, they still might not repost just because they don’t think they have people who would be interested in your services on their list.

7. And there’s the set who thinks you only post on your status and other outlets for them to see, be interested and probably buy, but not to repost or refer. To them, that’s their way of support.

8. Let’s not forget those who will not repost because it is generic. Sometimes, people do not respond to generic requests. As in, generally asking everyone to do something.

Eventually, only few people do. It’s just like saying somebody should sweep the floor or someone should give an answer to a question or something like that.

The effect is that one person expects the other to do it. Eventually, no one does it. Or only few people do. Hence, everyone’s job is no one’s job.

All these set of people are right in their rights. However, since you are the one who’s selling or rendering the services, you must normalize ‘directly’ projecting your business/brand to them, telling your contact what you need them to do.

For every of your business post, be clear what you need your reader to do after reading. Include actions you need them to take. Use active verbs.

Visit. Click. Read. Like. Comment. Buy. Repost. Share. Tell someone. Do this. Do that. Make sure you tell them what to do.

Also, normalize sending personalized messages to individuals. Send messages to them directly into their inbox and chats. When it’s a broadcast, address it in a way that encourages personalisation. You have a higher chance that way.

Of course, do it with caution. No one likes to be spammed.

Lastly, erase that feeling of entitlement. Keep advertising your brand and business, but do not shame or guilt trip your circle if they do not patronize, refer or repost you YET.

In all, improve on the value you provide and ultimately, trust that value to promote your business/brand.

Have a greater week.


Tuhan memberkati Anda. Terima kasih.

©️ Deji Adeyemi