Remember Moses at the burning bush? He turned aside to behold a peculiar sight, but as it turned out, someone was sending him an email invite to a job.

During the interview, he was asked, “What do you have in your hands?’ You know, just like asking, “What can you do?” “A rod”, he replied. He probably thought it was an ordinary rod. By all indications, it was until it wasn’t anymore.

Quick note: The skills you have right now might not seem much but they are enough for a first-timer, beginners demonstration.

When it’s time to demonstrate how creative you are, the skills you already possess are enough for a satisfactory demonstration; if you master them.

Oh, I’ve heard people say “I would have gotten the job if only I had this and that” OR “I wish I had this qualification, that certification, those skills to grab that opportunity”.

To be fair, that’s true. There are opportunities, projects and even clients that demand certain levels of sophistication. However, need I remind you that every lift has a ground floor; every virus has a ground zero.

You wish you had your book published on Amazon or the biggest publishing outfits in the country, but have you utilized well your friends circle? Your WhatsApp contacts? Your family members? That you could sing on international stages like Davido in Coming 2 America but how well have you sung in front of your mirror, under the showers, before family members or at best, in church?

You always wish you could design like the people at Dear Designer and others but how well have you used your phone’s camera edit or at best, Canva? That you had platforms like that of Chimamanda Adichie or run an academy like OL, but how good and often do you write in your notes, on your WhatsApp status and other social platforms?

Honestly, it’s okay to wish you have more. It reminds you there is more to fight for and aim at. Every time you feel like slacking or giving up, you look up and you know, ride or die. Yes.

However, looking that far ahead must not make you lose sight of what is nearest & simplest.

Whatever you wish you have, or wished you had must not rob you of the satisfaction and contentment of what you have right now.

Like Moses’ rod at the interview, it might not seem much ATM but just wait for the moment of demonstration, and with how well you use it, you will know that moving ahead to bigger responsibilities will be a walk in the park.

But first, what do you have in your hands? Use it!

See you at work.

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