One of the best gadgets I’ve bought here is a Bluetooth speaker, that has a digital clock, an alarm and multi level ring light. When Bundy, my friend here was going back to Nigeria, I went to the mall to get him a parting gift. I had the idea of buying a wristwatch, but when I got to the mall, wristwatches were expensive.

Hence, I looked around for alternatives. I saw many things; phones, Bluetooth speakers, power banks, headphones, and the likes, even smart watches… Finally, I settled for a 20,000mph power bank (you can guess why). While I searched though, my desire was aroused to get a Bluetooth speaker, particularly because I saw one type that I liked.

I’ve always wanted to get one, but never got around to it. That day, I promised to come back the next day to buy the particular one I saw and liked. Two days after, I went back. I couldn’t go back the day after I saw it cause I spent the night at the airport, the morning on the road back to campus and the rest of the day sleeping off my fatigue.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t buy the particular Bluetooth speaker I loved. Apparently, it was out of stock (the one I saw on display was just that, in display). So, I began to traverse the mall, searching for that particular type. I searched, for about an hour, I didn’t find anything like it. Then I decided to look for something close to it. That took me about another 45 mins.

I didn’t wanna buy anyone I just see, only to eventually see that one I liked and wished I hadn’t bought it. Mind you, the one I liked, I only liked it cause of its shape. I didn’t even consider the functionality. Hence, all the while I was searching, I was searching for that shape. And when I considered an alternative, I was only searching for a shape close to what I had in mind.


Finally, I gave up cause I just didn’t find the shape I had in mind or anyone else I could possibly like (the shape). At my last stop though, this guy practically behaved like a typical Nigerian Igbo businessman. You know, the ones that won’t have what you wanted to buy, but will go to their friend’s shop to bring you other choices you might like.

Yeah, this guy did that. He went and brought four different types! Including a Google powered Bluetooth speaker! Among them was this white, rectangular shaped Bluetooth speaker with a huge interface. It had a clock plastered on its face.


That was what caught my attention. I had been looking for a cone-shaped speaker, with just a charging port and a USB port. The clock tickled my attention, and I asked to check it out.

Like I said, it had a digital clock, an alarm that I could actually set (two alarm systems actually), a multilevel ring light I could adjust to whatever brightness I desire, a USB port, DC charging port, an Aux port and above all, an SD card port.

And it was sparkling white with bases that could sit pretty anywhere! Not to mention that it’s very loud. I actually don’t use the alarm clock cause the one time I used it, it was so loud the whole room woke up by 7:15am for a class only I had!😁

Even its notification to be charged is so loud that once it says “Please charge before using”, I rush to plug it to avoid saying it twice. It’s that loud. But the most common feature of it I’ve used 24/7 has been the clock. I can count the number of times I’ve played songs on it.


Before lockdown, I would take it out with me to read, not to be serenaded by slow music, but because the clock is so hard to miss. I could tell time with just a glance. Only time I use it for music sake only is while I’m in the bathroom. Every time, I’m reminded how we don’t exactly know what we needed most until we are dropped right in the middle of it, willingly or not.


Some of the most defining moments in history gone has been when people have been at their lowest ebbs. Like 9/11, it is at our most challenging moments that the depth of our natures are revealed. More like COVID, what we actually thought separated us has brought us more together.

Like the #EndSARS protest, lines we thought are corroded by political inclinations or religious bigotry or racial favoritism were suddenly blurred away and we realized that we were just people.

We are all, first humans, before anything else. And so, we might not know it or unwilling to accept it, but we would always be in it together. My clock is doing such a great job now that I am so glad I bought it. I’m so glad I had someone bring and open me up to possibilities I didn’t even consider.

So much so that while I am glad I have a Bluetooth speaker that could DJ an outdoor party (one I don’t even have to have connected to my phone through Bluetooth), I am more glad I have a Bluetooth speaker that tells me time, a cool ring light I could shine on my computer system while typing in the dark or for a quick search on my table and a loud enough alarm clock I could use if I ever needed to wake the whole country.