Did you see that video of a young boy and his father discussing money and finance terms? The one where the dad asks the boy what the terms meant and the kid promptly replies with gusto and knowledge? Did you take anything from it that father-son moment?

I saw another video today of a man playing the guitar with his teenage daughter and both singing. Needless to say, it was a beautiful duo of melody. Watching the video, however, brought to mind an epiphany I had earlier about the boy-father video.

Bonding time. Yeah, that was the message I took away from both videos. Beyond the knowledge they both shared and the skills exhibited, what stuck with me was the comparison they both had in passion.

When loved ones share moments together, one of the ripple effect is the bonding time it affords them to connect. Parent to child, husband to wife, siblings or just friends, one of the gifts you can share is to have something in common to discuss and work together on.

Of course, this doesn’t relate into sharing these things from the beginning of the relationship. Sometimes, we build it over time. Children will sometimes agree to be tutored by their parents, not only because they liked the subject of interaction. They will because they wanted to spend some quality time with their parents.

Loved ones will agree to go out on a date with you to the cinema, or a restaurant or the park, not because they enjoy being outdoor but because they want to connect with you. Moments like these are what build relationships.


On a spiritual level, spending quality time with your bible and praying, listening to and talking with God is one of the major foundation of having a lasting, influencing relationship with the Father. Hence, we encourage it as a hobby, not as a ritual.

Hence, investing in relationships while trying as much as possible to protect oneself is a commitment. With people around us, we must create time for bonding based on mutual subjects and objects of attraction. Bonding time is a necessary factor to a qualitative outcome in every relationship.