By Adeyemi Adeniyi

“We cannot afford to make a wrong choice for another four years. Vote your choice. Vote wisely.”

 It is not unsafe for me to postulate that politics has been practiced in Nigeria today has never been right. If at some point it was, water must have slipped away from the bridge of knowledge. It saddens me at heart to witness how democracy, a form of governance which patriots and martyrs has witnessed been reduced from the real meaning as defined by Abraham Lincoln, government of the people, by the people, and for the people to a deadly, must-win game played by few people, on many people, and against most people. It has grown so worse that players in this sanity-threatening game have to be tacticians as in this game, only players with crooked tactics and sinister hearts wins.

Now here I am, gazing into the beautiful skies up ahead, ardently hoping for a new Nigeria where politics and electioneering processes will evolve around the true spirit of sportsmanship. I hope for a country where campaigns and wooing of the electorates will not involve attacking personalities and records.
In this illusion, I indulge myself in imagining a respectable way of campaign. Imagine the two political parties and its two main presidential aspirant’s campaign like this:
GEJ: I respect Gen. Muhammad Buhari, a former Nigerian Head of State and the presidential aspirant for All Progressives Congress, for what he has done so far in the past. He is a man of clean records and special focus but at this time we need continuity that will take Nigeria to the next level. Changing hands at this point will lead to a drastic and abrupt change in government policies. The projects we have embarked upon over the past six years will be abandoned. I understand that Nigerians are concerned, but I can assure you that our next four years will make things better. We will continue with the following:
                ×       improve on power supply
×                               .        provide more jobs
                ×       curb Boko Haram
                ×        reduce corruption
                ×       among many others
And the opposition (GMB) will come out to say;
GMB: President Goodluck Jonathan in the best interest of Nigeria has done so much to ensure that Nigeria is a better place to live. Even though there are real challenges from the Northern part of the country and some other minor issues, yet i will say he deserves to be applauded. However, beyond that, we need a capable hand that can take us beyond the present situation and provide quick solution. With military experience and as a past president, I am capable to relief the present president. If voted, I shall among others:
              ×          ensure national security
              ×          improve quality of education
              ×          balance our economy value
              ×          encourage youths to invent…
From where we sit as citizens, we then endeavor to check their records, experience, intention and workable analysis to the promises. Then we vote the real man, our choice.
But all we see are parties destroying records and spreading demeaning propagandas at each other just to attain power at the expense of truth, the future and the citizenry (electorate). Why can’t we have a system where we make willful decisions? Why can’t we have transparency and accountability in our politics? Why do happenstances point always to corruption and manipulation from the top?
The future is right there in our thumbs. We cannot afford to make a wrong choice for another four years. Vote wisely.
Adeyemi Adeniyi Oyewale is a final year Biochemistry student of the prestigious Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife. He is a young man with a passion for a new Nigeria and a member of the group Project New Nigeria. A film director, an editor, and a Jumia products consultant. A seasoned teacher of the word. He believes Nigeria in a bright future for Nigeria. He can be reached through, @hardhewale, +2348146237812…