UPH EAGLES, Basketball and POST-COVID Reflections

As introverts (and people at large), there were a couple of things we took for granted pre-COVID. Sitting in the basketball court during service today, (yeah, we set up the court now for church service), reminds me of days when basketball games were a thing here.

UPH Eagles had a match once with an outside team and it was kind of a big game. UPH Eagles were (and still are) one of the best around here, so was the opposing team. Hence, the hype. I was invited to come watch.

But as usual, I enjoyed (still enjoy) the company of myself more than watching the game. I preferred (still prefer) the silence of being alone than the noise and boisterous atmosphere of a game. So, I didn’t honour the invitation.

As I sit here now, looking around at the ambiance and marveling at the great matches and moments that had taken place, I suddenly wish I really know what it feels like. Unfortunately, I do not. I had a chance, but I missed it.

I suddenly wish I could understand what it means to enjoy the noise of the game here. Like de javu, I wish I could see the light on the score board, as it rises with the whole euphoria of the court. Now, I would have to wait, I’m afraid.

The lock down has been lifted, but here we are in a new environment entirely, holding church on a basketball court! Who would have thunked! Here we are, having an entire classes of a semester online.

Lots of things have changed. Yet, we wish we could have have things back. Opportunities to interact physically and make moments we had passed by. During the lock down, we desperately wished for such opportunities.

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I’m taking something from this: when opportunities come, I’ll take them. If not fully, I will to a level that will both preserve my introversion but still give me enough memories to relish when they are no more.

The post-COVID period, if nothing, has taught us how to do well in the moments we have. Same as 2020. It has been an amazing year thus far, for the world, for you and I. Many of us would tell stories of this year for years to come. Hopefully, it will remind us to take opportunities when they come.

Needless to say, for me, when basketball resumes here, I’d be there; cheering and soaking in every moment of the matches.

Till then, happy Sunday.❣