Orifunke clocked 25 last week. She released a beautifully crafted memoir in celebration of what she has come to stand for through what she went through.

In her words, “…my story is special and someone out there deserves to read from me. There are more popular people who have their memoirs but how about we have memoirs from people like me still trying to figure life out?… People like me who still make mistakes, have fears and are sometimes clueless?…”

On the same day, Miloh, a good friend of hers shared on her WhatsApp status few of these experiences Orifunke codedly alluded to in this weighty exposition.

Interestingly, Miloh narrated how they shared the same room back in OAU and Orifunke apparently sold pure water and eggs. Funny right? Almighty Orifunke Lawal, boss lady of the LadiesWithBalls (I love that coinage, by the way) walking from room to room, knocking on doors to say ‘Sister, pure water at’eyin wa o.’

Obviously, from what I’ve learnt about Orifunke, I’m sure that wasn’t her opening line. My experiences as an undergrad in OAU probably made me imagine that. It’s not possible, yeah I know. She’s way too cool!

So, Orifunke sold pure water and eggs in OAU, what’s so special about that?! I know tens of people who did the same. I didn’t sell anything myself, but living in FAJ & AWO, alongside my other extension rooms in female hostels, especially MOZ & Sports kinda gives me an idea. Many students did it.

What’s my point gangan? Those people, yeah, the ones I knew who sold stuffs back at school, I don’t know them anymore! Touche!!! But here I am, reading a memoir from an obviously brilliant woman who has through sheer ingenuity and commitment to a process carved her name in gold in my memories through her brand is what has become my present knowledge.


Forget that my title, SMALL THINGS DO MATTER. Ignore my road here, it’s an artistic ploy to get you just where I need you; here, to hear this: the little things you inconsequentially do, with little or no motivation can be your pedestal to greatness.

You probably have heard mighty oceans don’t start big. I think not. Mighty waters actually do start big. Wait, I’ll explain. Correct me if I’m wrong, the might of an ocean is not probably in its width alone, but also in its depth. The small particles of water that grows round always start with a big depth.

That you pour water in a container doesn’t make it deeper. Its depth is fixed – you only get to determine its height upward by how much liquid you let into it. Of course, this argument is relatively subjective.

However, your height going upward starts with the small droplets of actions you make or don’t make. Small things do importantly matter. Every second count. Every minute will be accounted for. Each day will make a difference.

I hope you’ll forgive my innocent deception. Truth sometimes is veiled in what looks like lies, but are not. I would have loved to accompany this day’s writing with a picture of the almighty boss lady herself, but I think I used it already today. Maybe another time (Yeah, there will be another time). Today, Miloh has that space. Birds of the same feathers… (Don’t ask me where I got that picture from, Miloh please)