“Let my people go, that they may worship me in the wilderness.”

Real and deepest worship is done in the wilderness. Not in your comfort zone; not in slavery. Worship is a moment of sacrifice. Worship is experiential.

In that story, God needed the Israelites to leave Egypt, go on a journey with me and learn to worship him in the process of his many encounters with them. He led Moses, first through his experience with killing the Egyptian, and then his encounter with the burning bush, and God’s demonstrations.

It seems to me God could have made himself obvious simpler and clearer, why did he need to use an unnatural phenomenon like a bush burning but its leaves not consumed? I think it’s a message of worship to Moses.

Like I said, worship is experiential. If you ask me, worship is a joyous manifestation in praise of who God is. Therefore, you need an experience and experiential knowledge of his person. Worship is not done in abstract.

Are you still in your comfort zone and hoping to worship God? Or you probably are still a slave to cares of this world and desperate to worship. Move away into the wilderness. Separate yourself from the crowd, and acknowledge God; sieve through his many moments with you and do a double worship.

Happy Sunday, my people. It’s early, but I think I’m committed to this writing challenge. If you’re encouraged, please join me. If not, help me by reminding me when I default.

Thank you and have a great time in church.