They Must Think Us Fools

“They thought they buried us. They forget we are seeds”

When one power-starved elephant fight against a power-drunk elephant for bragging rights and coffer treasurer, it is the unwilling silent grasses underneath their seemingly larger-than-life feet who become suffering and smiling sufferers.

They must really think us fools in their blind quest for insatiable power. It is about time everyone, victims and victims, low and middle, youth and old, Christians or Muslims, Yoruba, Ibo or Hausa and all stand, rise against these political goons in overflowing agbada and crisp suits.

It’s time we grab our future in our own hands and tell them to go f**k themselves. Stop the B.S. We are not fools.

Every man is free to certain right, but their is a wide gulf between between knowledge and wisdom. We need to know the extent of our power. No man is going to work any magic up there in the seats of leadership. We must know that together, we are the strongest. America might be the land of opportunities, but Nigeria, God’s Own Country, is the land of possibilities. It’s we re-write our future in permanent ink provided by the boundless possibilities for a sustainable development, corruption-ridden, free of ethnic divide and religious rivalry.

Our voices are our instruments of revolution. We are ripe for it. Lend your voice. Make accountable the white-collar daylight armed robbers in government houses. You can’t blame them completely; they just couldn’t resist the temptation. Which is why we need to vote those that can.


Your vote is your power. Your choice. Do not trade it in the name of ‘Stomach Infrastructure’. It’s a seed. Sow it well. Remember, ‘they thought they buried us. They forget we are seeds’. We grow with time and must die before we bloom. We’ve died times and again, it’s time to bloom. To sprout and bloom, claim the soil. We deserve good governance. And we will fight for it.

Finally, when generations unborn ask you years from now, “How did it all turn this way?” Let your reply be, “We tried our best” As of now, comparing numbers and other factors, we are even yet to try at all, not to talk of our best. Join the revolution and lend your voice. The end of the plank on which they stand is sustained on the other end by us. They loot because we keep mute. Know your worth. It’s huge. Act like it.

I’ll speak, and I’ll be heard.