I love to play Football Manager, and it’s been my best game so far – even more so since I can’t play real football.

This morning though, while playing, I set a lineup for an Euro Exhibition match against Switzerland. But because it was an almost inconsequential match, I promoted about eight academy players and fielded (used) five in the first eleven!

Subsequently, I was afraid I could lose for fielding weak players, so I set my seven substitute players to be my best players; Messi, Cruyff, Frenkie de Jong, etc., game changing players.

Surprisingly, 10 minutes into the game, I was already 2:0 up!

By the end of the first half, I was 4:0 up!

Success was assured.

And suddenly, I wished to give the other three academy players a run for the second half but I couldn’t because I didn’t include them in the substitute line up!

I was afraid I could lose, so I prepared contingency plans but I had no plan B for winning…


Ask yourself, what would happen when you win?

Do you have a plan B for winning?

Or you don’t think you need to plan for success?

When you don’t plan for winning, it becomes an unprepared surprise!

You thought your response to success is the ‘normal’ response. You think, “How to react would come naturally.”

But for when you fail, you think that response is the one that needs extra preparation.

You are afraid it could break you. And since you don’t want to break, you extra prepare; with plan B, plan C, even plan D.

You tell your close friends (to cushion the blow).

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You put in many applications (lasslass, one will click).

You create a safe bubble (“At least, I’m still alive!” “At least, I tried my best.” etc.)

You must realize, it is easy to misbehave after success; big or small. Because success, if care is not taken, can blind you to mistakes and shortcomings.

You tell yourself, “I won, and that’s all that matters.”

Winning is not all that matters. Success is not the end.

There is growth.

There’s continuity.

There’s sustenance.

There’s networking.

There’s room for development.

There is a lot more after success, and they need planning too.

Word of advice, while you prepare for failure, prepare for what to do when you succeed also.

Success and failure are two sides of the same coin, after all.

Cheers to both!

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