by Adeyemi Oluwaseyi
Once I saw a giant,
And such a great giant it was.
Great, awesome and fearful!
And all bowed before it
It went on and on trampling its way with its own big legs.
What a frightening sight it was!
The giant said to itself,
‘’I am the giant of Africa.’’
And behold pride swelled in its head
Arrogance sprung forth from its head
So that it could not distinguish between god and man
And ahead it went on trampling upon them all

Suddenly, a great sickness befell it
So much like kwashiorkor
That its legs began to diminish
And you could not distinguish them from that of a new-born
Its hands shriveled up,
Like the hands of my great grandmother
Boned up in her earthly chamber below
What a terrible sight it was!
Its teeny legs could no longer carry its protruding stomach
Its shrimp neck could no longer its great head
And its skinny hand could no longer uproot obstacles
Its head filled with worms,
Its body now a sinking torso.
Became like a stagnant pool.
Old woman on a lonesome road.
Sitting and waiting for the disease to pass away
Trying all types of medication
Sitting and dreaming of better days before,
And having fewer dreams of better days ahead
Not content with sitting
But not making any active move to stand
Oh great giant of Africa!
I beckon on you!
When will you stand?
When will you stand tall and proud?
Trample like you did before?
The only answer I got was a snort.
It was fast asleep!
Adeyemi Oluwaseyi
Adeyemi Oluwaseyi is a teenager filled with the passion of literature. She is an unpublished poet and short story writer. She is also an avid reader of novels and short stories alike.  She lives in Sagamu, Ogun State. Facebook: Adeyemi Oluwaseyi. Mobile number: +234 816 967 6960