East and west, took me years to find a nest;
My bitter heart rode like a stallion
The hurt inflicted by mermaids
Till I found you, my yolk.

Men who love in the waist of wanton women
They say waste away on their thighs
But for you, what is there not to want?
I want to waste away as perfume
In the breathe of your waiting arms

So I’ll charge death in the fore of the battle
Look hades in the depth of the eyes
For you, I’ll tap the feet of the gods
And bite their heels for your love

Oh my love! Bring them to me
The words of your hope
Bring them to me
The steps of your courage
Bring them, to me
The warmth of your heart
My love, I have found in you
A nest to roost forever.

Because the sound that found me
Was the beat of your heart.
Love and music was
Our match made in melody…

So I pledge to lay off all the edges
I’ll cleave to you at the tip of the cliff
No, I don’t want no one
But the one whom my heart won.

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