This is a story of one little boy who is learning government in school. To ensure a participatory class, the teacher tells them to go home and ask from their parent what government is.

Little boy gets home, walk to his dad, “Daddy, what is government?”

Dad thinks for a while. “Look at it this way. I’m the president, your mum is the Congress, the maid is the work force, you are the people and your baby brother is the future”, he explains.

“I don’t understand” puzzled, the little boy says.

“Why don’t you sleep over it and then maybe by morning you will understand. It’s quite simple.”

“Okay dad. Good night sir.” Little boy go to sleep with the expectant hope that he understands by morning. Probably, an angel will explain the riddle to him in his dream. It probably has to be an angel because his dad will not have told him to sleep over it.


Little boy jolts to life from the wails of his baby brother. With dreamy eyes, he walks to his baby brother’s crib and finds out that his baby brother has messed up his diaper. He then proceeds to his parent’s bedroom to get help. Getting there, he peeps through the keyhole to check if his parents were asleep. Through the keyhole, he sees his mom sound asleep and loudly snoring, but his dad is not beside her. So he trudges to the maid’s room. Looking through the keyhole, he sees his dad having sex with the maid. Little boy is stunned.

Just then, he realizes something and almost shouts Eureka! Thinking aloud, “Oh Now I understand what government is. The president is screwing the workforce, Congress is fast asleep, nobody cares about the people and the future is in deep shit.”

A satiric picture of Nigeria you would agree. Guess there is an angel after all. In this present day, angels abound around us. Standing on the rooftop calling unto the people to arise from their self-induced slumber, encouraged by the president and rise to action.

As the little boy, having realized the predicament of his government, we need to go back to our parent’s bedroom and strike forcefully the Congress to wake up. Together with the Congress, we need to bang on the door to the maid’s room and expose their nefarious destructive intercourse. The maid must be saved from the lustful loins of the president and made to start doing her chores with more diligence and honesty. No more screwing in the dead of the night. Our future is at stake; crying.

We need to go to the baby’s crib and wipe away his shit. He must grow to be a big boy with enviable characteristics; a standard to others. He is the future of the whole house; Congress, president, workforce, people, everybody.

Remember, “Ojo t’abi ribi, nibi n wole” meaning “The day we discover evil, is the day it ends.”

God bless Nigeria.