I believe you are aware that Nigeria as a nation recently celebrated her 54th anniversary. It was wonderful, though not a jamboree like the earlier ones. If anything, at least we are cutting down on the euphoria of age. After all, age is nothing but a number, right? There was no elaborate celebration to celebrate the day unlike the preceding years where giant national cakes were cut with parades in the capital city. It was a normal day only mentioned in whispers and media houses who were only obliged to remember such day and probably businesses who only exploited the day are worth a mention. In the lives and mind of the average Nigerian working like a possessed laborer just enough to be broke, the day meant nothing. I don’t blame him. With age, you expect wisdom. However, we have learnt the hard way that old age is not tantamount with wisdom. Well, with experience yes but experience does not always translate into wisdom. Does it? So let me use this medium to say happy belated Independence Day. I have this staunch believe that the next time I will get to say that to you, we will indeed have cause to holler it and be happily justified. It is a dream I hold tenaciously to. You should too. We have just one country, don’t we? Let’s together make it worthwhile. I believe in friends, in you, in the country. Do you?

Fela Durotoye said in the epilogue of the music video of TY Bello, ‘The Future’ and I quote “The future is not a time zone that is yet to come. The future is everything that we can be but have not yet become. The future is everything that we can do but we have not yet done. The future is here, the future is now. So go ahead, deliver the future because you CAN; because you MUST! Together we will”.
Did you hear that? Don’t just sit in the corner of your house and wish for a unified country where ethnic dissents are nullified. You will be doing us a great harm if you fold your arms and expect our country be rise from this pit of under-development all by itself. You are guilty of war if you choose not to do what you can do to ensure we together hoist the Nigerian flag and put her name among the developed countries. You are guilty of war when you watch the TV, read the newspapers, listen to the radio and just shake your head in pity for the country. We are tired of pity, aren’t you? You are indeed guilty of war when you leave me to the task of ensuring a revolution for this country.

You love Nigeria, don’t you? I know she has done nothing over the years but shake your trust in her. That’s what Nigerian politicians are, right? They shake your hand before the polls and shake your trust after. It’s alright. It was really cruel of her treat you like that, very wicked of her. You have every moral right to tell her to go screw herself! Patriotically though, that is not good enough. After all, you didn’t choose to be a Nigerian, right? Let me ask you though, did you disown your father when he was very mean to you while growing up? No? Did you curse your mother to the pits of hell when she refused you food and threw you into your room – if you had one? No? I know you must have felt like it? It’s only natural. But you didn’t. You saw it as a process through which you came out gleaming. Every one of us today is a product of the kind of parent we have or had – good or bad. We stuck out with a hope inside us that one day we will be free from their hold and we did get free sooner or later. Isn’t that right?
Unfortunately, such hope is not there for us as citizens of Nigeria. At least, for most of us. Some of us will never get the chance to flee this country as some unpatriotic felons are doing – not even for pleasure to return. So why don’t you just put all your God-given resources to work and make this country the toast of the world? We have all we need. Nigeria is smaller in land mass than most African countries and even outside, yet we have the most amount of natural and human resources. There is hardly any solid mineral not found within the soils of our dear country. We are blessed even with the population which looks unequal with the land available. So what does that tell you? Even in the small land, we have everything. We possess everything to be the wealthiest country in the whole darn world! If only we will get ourselves right and yes, our leadership right.

I believe in your brain, in your ideas, in your resourcefulness, in your creativity, in you as a fellow citizen of Nigeria. God out of the equation, we are all we’ve got. I have you and you have me. No more of everyman for himself, God for all. I look to you. Please, rise together with me and make a lasting impact in your immediate environment. You don’t need to get into government before your hungry neighbor can be fed, do you? You don’t need the government before you bring a smile to some homeless urchins. You can be the unofficial governor of your street, the un-acclaimed difference that brought the different change. You only need the right heart, the right motivation. Resources abound around you if you will tap into them. Ideas rule the world so come up with one and let the whole world starting from your neighborhood be a better place. You might be expendable but the world is a better place because you are in it. Make real your dream and the dreams of millions of people.

I believe in you. Till we see again, keep the torch aloft. Remember to email me if you need me. I am always around the corner.

I am the conversationalist and this, is the conversation.

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