By Victoria Oladoyin
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No lasting beauty emerges without an illustrious, persevering, and persistent patience. Every skin of beauty that eventually manifests had once bled prior to its revelation. Everything beautiful is an eternal testimony to the elegance and brilliance of a mind. Every magnificent building testifies to the beauty in the mind of an architect. Every captivating work of art exemplifies the beauty within the mind of an artist. Every ravishing and striking attire or costume radiates the beauty resident in the mind of a fashion designer.

Every sporadic display of sanity by a mad man entails an encoded signal that bleakly flashes the untainted beauty that once occupied his deranged mind. Every beautiful creature is meant to be a glorifying spectacle that bears witness to the grand beauty of an ultra-superlative creator. In the most ugly of beings, the most raving of lunatics, the most dull of mediocre, the most wretched of indigents,  the most depressed of troubled souls, and the most useless of masses, is resident a measure of beauty.

No one is created without a deposit of beauty within. We all must learn to manifest and give expression to this innermost form of beauty buried somewhere deep in the mind, through the very thing that defines us as unique entities. Be it music, science, sketching, carving, tailoring, designing, writing, strategizing and planning, analyzing, politics, philanthropy, or any other thing that might even never have been heard of.
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However, the best of all beauties comes from the heart that has endured the most brutal of wounds. It is an immutable reality that whatever is now beautiful was once ugly. Beauty grows and, if it will last, must endure fire – the only means by which a true gold could emerge.

Victoria Oladoyin is a graduate of English, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, She interns in A2W Nigeria where she works directly with her mentor, Deolu Akinyemi, She worked as a student journalist while on campus, she was the Editor-in- Chief of her departmental board NASELS Communication Bureau but now she is been groomed to be an Entrepreneur, PR Expert and a Nation Builder.