Sometimes I want to touch the beat of the drum
And vouch for the thief of my form
Those are time I want to be free of insecurities like thorns
But she always remind me where I am from

Because when love found me
I was deep in fat like meat
That was when she told me I was gonna be minced.

When I brought something to the table
All she did was question if I was able
So much that I really thought
Was she really that hurt?

I mean, how do you sing songs
Of love to her that broke your lungs?
All I ever wanted to do was please her
Now I sleep alone in the car.

So the next time I went to the table
I went with an empty hand of fables
I told stories never seen on cables
Of how hell was burnt with candles

She didn’t believe me. She didn’t!
She couldn’t believe I change while she didn’t.
Like seriously, I thought, you didn’t?
So I lied that I didn’t;

I lied that I didn’t see her when she cried
I lied that I didn’t see her swollen cheeks
I lied, I lied that I was tired
Tired of hurting her so I freaked

I would never recover from what she said;
She said I was a child that runs
She said if I ever loved her mood turns
I wouldn’t have fled.

So this time, I walked
Not away but to her
Like human beings, we talked
Not of future, not even the far

I said, “My love”
She said, “Yes?”
And then we hugged
The end.