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There is a story of a man who’s only offence of being dumped with a ‘killer’ ark of covenant was just having a house off the road.

I love the way the Message Bible puts it; “Instead, David removed it off the road and to the house of Obed-Edom the Gittite.” (II Sam 6: 10b).

Apparently, they were ‘on the road’, something tragic happened, and David, anointed David, angry first and then feared, diverted the trajectory of the ark ‘off the road’ into the house of someone.

I don’t know if he intended Obed-Edom to die or whatever. He probably wasn’t thinking of that. Or probably it was the case of one family against a whole nation.

What however, is interesting, is this; just three months with Obed-Edom, God, not the ark, blessed him and and his entire household.

It is interesting because Obed-Edom received the ark which probably he knew just killed Uzzah. He received it, probably because it was the king who was asking.

Imagine what each of these characters were thinking?

I imagine Uzzah having a dialogue with God, “I only wanted to prevent the ark from falling.”

David thinking, “Why would Uzzah do such a stupid thing? This day should be a good day, why such a mysterious death?”

And Obed-Edom probably thinking, “Surely, my family and I will die like Uzzah.”

All these characters had valid points, I think. But this is what I think God was thinking;

“I need to bless Obed-Edom. I need to protect my sanctity and cleanse my ark. I need to show David how not to be afraid.”

I’m just throwing thoughts around, please. Just thinking.

Another thing I find interesting is, after three months, news reached David of Obed-Edom’s change in fortune and so called to bring the ark out.

Interestingly, just after six steps, he sacrificed again. Why? I think he was still scared.

After this sacrifice, now, he danced with all his might. He probably was thinking, “Lemme test it first. If nothing happens after the seventh step, and after my sacrifice, I’ll know the ark doesn’t kill again.”

Like I said, I’m only randomly thinking. But in all, this thought is for Obed-Edom.

I learnt how God blesses, using what others think will be your death. I learnt how Obed-Edom learnt obedience and submission to an authority.

I learnt how God changes lives. He doesn’t need long years; three months was enough to change the fortune of Obed-Edom.

In all, I learnt to always be hopeful as long as God is involved. To never give up as long as God is involved.

God killed Uzzah but blessed Obed-Edom. In the process of doing that, He calmed down David’s fear. All three went home happy; except Uzzah of course.



Nothing is ever gonna change until you move. It reminds me of the story of Bola.

Bola’s story would have been a good-enough cover to project (there’s never a perfect story), but she had lots of friends who, well, for a want of better phrase, I’d say ‘who could have helped her’. But then, stuff happened.

So, I am just gonna use the story of Praise and make Bola her friend. That’s only fair to her.

Don’t be surprised, I’m not a sadist. I just want to write a story.

When Praise got admission to study Pharmacology in the university, it was a dream come true. The first person she called was Bola.

“Hey babe, I’m so excited right now!” she screamed.

“The admission list is out, shey?” an unexcited Bola responded.

“Like seriously, it is out. I am so happy right now. I got the admission!” Praise shouted into the mouthpiece. She did a double take in her parent’s sitting room.

Her elder brother, an undergraduate at the same university looked at her and smiled.

“What’s so special about Pharmacology? Did you not want Medicine?” he taunted.

Praise rolled her eyes, “Like I care. I’m leaving this house finally. As in, I can’t wait to resume.” Bola interrupted on the phone.

“Hey babe, I’m still here o. I’m so happy for you. Did I hear Tolu say Pharmacology? Abi kini yen?”

“See ehn, na as e be we go take do am. The kingdom of God suffers violence and the violent take it by force. Even if it’s not the kingdom of God but the kingdom of Jesus, we will take it like that. Na trinity something. Omo iya ni won. Medicine and Pharmacology, na twins dem be.” She would have nobody dull her enthusiasm.

“I’m very happy for you, dear. ‘Anyhow is a how’, wasn’t that what Lolade said last year? I can imagine how she’s doing now. Like na to just japa!” they both laughed – even Tolu.

“Yes o. How far? Am I still seeing you this evening? Abi you’ve changed your plastic mind?” Praise asked.

“Even if I had changed my mind, this news is definitely bringing me over. I kuku don’t have another hair stylist. But wait, emi ni plastic mind yen o, abi?”

“Thank God you know. See you later”

“Congratulations girl! You deserve it! God will do our own soon,” Bola prayed.

“Amen in Jesus name. Everything na turn by turn.”

Bola dropped the call. Praise dropped the call and faced her brother. Tolu looked away.

“Hmmm. Finally, Praise has gotten admission. What about me? She even called me first. Haaa! See my life! Why me?” she looked up, “Mummy, why did you have to leave me alone?”

Huhn! Mummy? What has mummy got to do with this? Where did mummy go? I guess we will find out. Because na as the thing come I dey take write am. See you.





“Bimbo! Bimbo!!! Bumbo!!! Omo yii a shi jen siso sha! (This girl will make me say rubbish). Bimbo!!! O n kami lohun, abi? (You’re counting the number of times I’ll call you, abi?) I’ll beat you to death today!”

Bimbo did not hear. She couldn’t have. Bimbo was not exactly sleeping. She was dead! The dead don’t hear noises, do they? Bimbo committed suicide.

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Sometimes, I try to tell a story like my aunty, Chimamanda Ngozi-Adichie would do it. Like, you know, create a compelling and gripping scenario of how Tolani, an effeminate boy struggled with expressing himself in a world scared by religious bigotry and sanctimonious cultures…

I imagine her writing how Tolani made A in a course in the university, but couldn’t enjoy the success because three people who also passed were girls. Guys congratulated the four girls who passed – they must be study partners. After all, what’s odd in them being together. He couldn’t do anything sexual even if he wanted to.

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