Guy with CCTV in the background


Around campus here, there are CCTVs everywhere. You can see them, even if you didn’t look too hard… Still, there are signs close to every placement saying, “You are on CCTV”.

Barring other reasons, I have come to see a wisdom in it: even when people around you could see something, you have a responsibility to tell them. Make them see. Show them. Direct their attention to it…

It’s not enough to say, “…but it was obvious.” or “…you should know.”

Maybe they indeed should but help them. Help yourself. Ignorance is never enough an excuse, but you can help them to avoid that excuse altogether.

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In the dorm here, we take turns in washing the laundry & rest rooms every week in groups. Yesterday, it was my group’s turn. I got sinks & mirror… While washing the sink, I discovered one particular sink was the dirtiest. Why, I wondered and then I realized the faucet wasn’t working.

In context, there are seven sinks (that is, seven faucets). Typically, the dirtiest was the one not working. I figured, someone could start to use it only to discover, no water. No need staying around then, he moves to the next, which works, leaving behind the dirt, unwashed.

Of course, we could talk about how they know it doesn’t work but still use it. Maybe. Even if there isn’t a sign that screams, ‘DO NOT USE!’

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