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Sometimes, I try to tell a story like my aunty, Chimamanda Ngozi-Adichie would do it. Like, you know, create a compelling and gripping scenario of how Tolani, an effeminate boy struggled with expressing himself in a world scared by religious bigotry and sanctimonious cultures…

I imagine her writing how Tolani made A in a course in the university, but couldn’t enjoy the success because three people who also passed were girls. Guys congratulated the four girls who passed – they must be study partners. After all, what’s odd in them being together. He couldn’t do anything sexual even if he wanted to.

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Today is February 4, World Cancer Day; a day dedicated to creating awareness against the disease – preserving more lives.

It is coinciding with my writing challenge, so I’ve decided to write a poem dedicated to both the victims, survivors, and families and loved ones of this deadly, silent killer.

Please read, enjoy but more importantly, take steps to know about cancer and be encouraged to go get tested or something.

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Orifunke clocked 25 last week. She released a beautifully crafted memoir in celebration of what she has come to stand for through what she went through.

In her words, “…my story is special and someone out there deserves to read from me. There are more popular people who have their memoirs but how about we have memoirs from people like me still trying to figure life out?… People like me who still make mistakes, have fears and are sometimes clueless?…”

On the same day, Miloh, a good friend of hers shared on her WhatsApp status few of these experiences Orifunke codedly alluded to in this weighty exposition.

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“Let my people go, that they may worship me in the wilderness.”

Real and deepest worship is done in the wilderness. Not in your comfort zone; not in slavery. Worship is a moment of sacrifice. Worship is experiential.

In that story, God needed the Israelites to leave Egypt, go on a journey with me and learn to worship him in the process of his many encounters with them. He led Moses, first through his experience with killing the Egyptian, and then his encounter with the burning bush, and God’s demonstrations.

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If I say I know what I’m going to be writing about for the next 29 days, I will be lying. The truth is, really I don’t. Calling out the rest of this gang was simply a spur-of-the-moment reaction.

I don’t know what to write but I know how to write. I don’t even have a focus in mind, but I believe my fingers will bail me out as they’ve always done.

Speaking of fingers, it reminds me of everytime I come to this online space to drop a piece of my mind, as Facebook won’t stop asking. More often than not, I’m saved by the fingers.

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