Oh would I have tongues like fire
Burning with brimstone and sulphur
Acidic bullets coated with led innings
Never enough will it be enough

Never enough were the tears I shed
When I fell on the road to hell
Never enough were the help I got
On my sojourn back to heaven
Never enough will it be enough

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During Tuesday Chapel, we’ve always had a preacher from the US. He is not necessarily the Pastor, hence the word, preacher. I’ll call him Pastor A. For most of us, he was our first contact with preaching to a mixed audience.

Interestingly, he caught our attention and we loved him. He was witty, sequential, very detailed and always, always, always tells a story. And of course, he spoke English so well and simply – his interpreters don’t have issues.

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single mother


This letter is to all single mothers out there. I hope you find strength; and a good husband.

Dear single mother,

My name is Deji but I’m not a single father. Not because I’ve not had opportunities to birth babies nor for lack of available baby mamas. I am not a single father because I have not impregnated any lady and not be put in the position to abort nor deny my sperm.

So, you must understand how I greatly appreciate you. For one reason or the other, probably by a moment of weakness, you became pregnant outside wedlock but you chose not to kill that baby. You are my MVP.

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Dear God


Dear God.

Emi ni (it’s me).

It’s night in some parts of the world, while it’s clear morning in others, how do you stay up all round listening to all of us? Yeah, I know your word says you never sleep nor slumber, but mehn, how do you do it so perfectly?

Okay okay, still you said through your boy, Jesus, you are the only perfect one. I know. I guess that explains it.

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