I like to think I was reschooled in the ancient history of biological evolution of man; in the way the body and mind instinctively reacts to knowledge and experience.
Few days ago, I was in our basement, on the queue to take a Serology test with other students and school officials inside our lockdown bubble. These officials were university workers and those who work in proximity with the university, one way or the other. Some of them are parents, recently weds with toddlers.
A family came with their boy, who is just about three to four years old. Ol’boy! Was this boy active and restless?! He literally ran from one end of the building to the other, jumping as he ran. This lad would run to his father, make some faces in response to whatever face he makes at him, and would run back. He was everywhere.

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Oh would I have tongues like fire
Burning with brimstone and sulphur
Acidic bullets coated with led innings
Never enough will it be enough

Never enough were the tears I shed
When I fell on the road to hell
Never enough were the help I got
On my sojourn back to heaven
Never enough will it be enough

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During Tuesday Chapel, we’ve always had a preacher from the US. He is not necessarily the Pastor, hence the word, preacher. I’ll call him Pastor A. For most of us, he was our first contact with preaching to a mixed audience.

Interestingly, he caught our attention and we loved him. He was witty, sequential, very detailed and always, always, always tells a story. And of course, he spoke English so well and simply – his interpreters don’t have issues.

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