There’s this brand of humility that’s only been spoken of in recent times – it’s the Jesus’ brand of humility. That although he was lowly, calm and all, yet, he proclaimed his identity as Son of God and, his business with salvation and miracle with the pride of their influence to the world!

I mean, this was a seemingly ordinary man who stood in the synagogue, our version of church, and read from scriptures written centuries ago by Prophet Isaiah and declared these words were ’bout him:

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Bluetooth Speaker

What I Learnt from My Bluetooth Speaker – Storytelling


One of the best gadgets I’ve bought here is a Bluetooth speaker, that has a digital clock, an alarm and multi level ring light. When Bundy, my friend here was going back to Nigeria, I went to the mall to get him a parting gift. I had the idea of buying a wristwatch, but when I got to the mall, wristwatches were expensive.

Hence, I looked around for alternatives. I saw many things; phones, Bluetooth speakers, power banks, headphones, and the likes, even smart watches… Finally, I settled for a 20,000mph power bank (you can guess why). While I searched though, my desire was aroused to get a Bluetooth speaker, particularly because I saw one type that I liked.

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