BEING A PASTOR’S WIFE: 10 Key Realities (Episode II)


The second most key reality a pastor’s wife must quickly adjust to is to being financially independent, especially when your husband is a full-time pastor. His income, as it is, would not always be his alone. Note, the ministry’s money is not part of your husband’s income. What is of the Lord belongs to the Lord. It is for the work of God and the things of God.

Your husband’s money is his allowance or salary and if he has other business aside ministry work, all income from them is his own. Also, gifts from members of the church personally to him belongs to your husband. Unless you want to corrupt the grace of God in your lives, the ministry’s money is not yours!

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BEING A PASTOR’S WIFE: Key Realities (Mary Lawal)

You are probably not married yet, nor do you have a fiancé who is a pastor (yet). Because of this, you would probably want to stop reading the moment you saw the title. Hold on.

Ask yourself, “If you met your 15-year-old self right now, what would you tell her?” Take a minute. Tick! Tock! Tick! Tock! Done? Good! In that same vein, think about this, wouldn’t you rather know today what you might need tomorrow? Put this way, would you rather have and not need it yet than not have it till you need it?

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