A man posted a video, making some claims. I’ll transcribe it below and share my thoughts on the content of the video afterwards.

“Stop telling people your problem.  70% of people cannot help you. 25% of people are happy that you are in trouble. Only 5% of people are in a position to help you. May you be led to the people who have the ability and capacity to help you. You’ll be fine”

End of video.

Here’s what I think…

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understanding at least with two people talking


What I don’t understand yet is this, at what point do you always get to make concessions for others? You know, like, talking with someone you care about but with every decision comes a concession. As always, it starts with ‘at least’.

“I love you and wanna spend the rest of my life with you. At least, it won’t be with so-so and so”.

“You know, we should be careful how we spend our money on real things. At least, food will not be an issue”.

“How many children are we gonna give birth to. At least, we must be able to take care of them”.

And so on like that.

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