dear young man

Dear Young Man Series: Going Higher and Forward

Dear young man,

Do you understand what it means to grow higher and forward?

Let me explain using a ladder and a conventional stairway as examples (ladders are special types of stairways too).

Ladders are structures built straight to climb higher in such a way that each rung is placed directly above, but not forward, the last one.

Which means, going higher requires you step on each rung above the other in a vertical upward manner (like elevators).

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Dear God.

Emi ni (it’s me).

It’s night in some parts of the world, while it’s clear morning in others, how do you stay up all round listening to all of us? Yeah, I know your word says you never sleep nor slumber, but mehn, how do you do it so perfectly?

Okay okay, still you said through your boy, Jesus, you are the only perfect one. I know. I guess that explains it.

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