Creatives face a lot of pressure; from clients, executives and above all, from within.

There’s always the pressure to do, do and do, satisfying all quarters.

“How do I give value to my client, yet making ends meet?”

“How do I meet the company’s expectation? How do I protect business ethics?”

“How do I make myself happy at the end of the creative process?”

There’s no straight jacket answer except two possibilities; #value and #influence.

Think about this…

  1. Nobody argues with good results. Not even you. When you are good, you’ll know.😁
  2. Building credibility takes time and expertise. Don’t inflate yourself.
  3. Be flexible. Understand every quarter and play them well.
  4. Apologise, especially when you are right.
  5. Take time out to flex. Don’t be serious always.

Eventually, the pressure we run from in the rain is what waters our creativity. Without it, we might die.

So, dance in the rain!