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In the dorm here, we take turns in washing the laundry & rest rooms every week in groups. Yesterday, it was my group’s turn. I got sinks & mirror… While washing the sink, I discovered one particular sink was the dirtiest. Why, I wondered and then I realized the faucet wasn’t working.

In context, there are seven sinks (that is, seven faucets). Typically, the dirtiest was the one not working. I figured, someone could start to use it only to discover, no water. No need staying around then, he moves to the next, which works, leaving behind the dirt, unwashed.

Of course, we could talk about how they know it doesn’t work but still use it. Maybe. Even if there isn’t a sign that screams, ‘DO NOT USE!’

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Consistency is overrated?!
Do you believe that?! Good!  Next thing you would need to believe is this,
You are misguided!
This morning, I’m not writing to everyone, but to the minority who, for whatever reason, believes consistency is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting a different result.
That is the only justifiable reason to think it is overrated. You must have been doing the wrong thing consistently or doing the right thing in a wrong way consistently.

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