When I first got to Indonesia in 2019, it was a little bit tough… On the outside, I was doing better than most. But on the inside, I was on WhatsApp 24/7.
Despite a six-hour timeline difference between Indonesia & Nigeria, I stuck to my Nigerian timeline. 6pm to 12am in Nigeria was 12pm to 6am in Indonesia, and these were my most active periods; online and off it.
I stopped sleeping at night. Maximum, five hours and almost never at once. Keeping in touch with Nigeria, at all cost, was my coping mechanism.
It wasn’t easy. But now, I’m well settled into my environment and timeline. And although I still keep late nights, it’s mostly cause of my late night study shenanigans.
Here’s what I’m driving at:
When you start new relationships or businesses, sometimes, things will fall apart in the first few months or years.
And then you wonder, “But it’s still too early to be having problems! We just started! Maybe it’s the universe telling us it’s not meant to be.”
Relax. Maybe not.
Have you considered that the universe could be shaping you and others involved, helping you to form a foundation that can withstand the years to come?!
You think the universe was telling you to cut it off, but in reality, it was telling you to be patient, pay the dues and allow it to work on you.
Perhaps it was teaching you how to love & live right, building you, molding you, equipping you with what it takes to thrive…
Don’t be in a haste to end a new relationship or business just cause it’s not working out yet.
Did you consider you might have come into it with shallow convictions that needs to be deepened or false experiences that’s require shedding off?
You just might need to walk through the wilderness to reach your Canaan.
Hang on; but if you must absolutely leave, by all means, please do.
Cheers to your progress!
African lady all smiles


I was at the bank over a year ago (Sept 5th, 2019) to complain about something that got me frustrated the previous day. That is to show you I wasn’t excited about visiting the banking hall. On the typically long queue, a beautiful young lady approached each of us, heard our complaints and proceeded to make our reporting smooth.
She got to me, and I replied her good afternoon with my signature smile and a hearty good afternoon. Fast forward to a couple of explanations, she gave me a form to fill. Afterwards, I said my thank you with a smile and waited for my turn to meet the almighty customer service agent.

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Twice have I lost my way in the Supermall now that ended with looking for the right things in the wrong places!

First was me looking for McDonald’s. My Nigerian brother told me it was cheaper than Burger King. He described where it was for me. Unfortunately for me, the only thing I heard was ‘mall’.

There was I, in the mall, looking for McDonald’s. I put it on Google map, walking towards it. But the more I walk, it was like the place was moving too; away.

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