God of the Good and Bad Times

I studied English Language in OAU. Before this, I had the choice of studying Law. I like to think I was smart enough to study law and do well, but I chose not to because of a misconception I had – I believed lawyers were arguers. I mean, I believed everything about law was argument, and as a person, I dislike arguments.


Of course I was wrong and ill-informed, but that didn’t stop me from putting in for English. Later, I realized my folly but I had already found joy in English Language as a writer. Years down the lane, I must agree that I have found myself restricted as I sometimes I wonder what my life will be if I had studied Law.

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See what she has turned out to be;
A stench in his golden nostrils
Her beauty and amazing personality;
Has become an eyesore to him

At first, his thoughts wandered around HER
The thoughts of HER love always fill his heart
He knew it was hard to do his biddings,
Nevertheless, his feelings won’t let him be.

Morning after morning, he grew lean
Day after day, he fell more sick
His heart longing for HER love
His body craving for HER touch

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no change is absolute


You don’t always need a change of clothes, maybe you only need to smile more to go with the ones you already have. Of course, you might need to change your clothes to reflect your realignment, sometimes.

You don’t need a change of friends, you only need to work on being your type of friendly. You are reflection of what you attract, and keep. Of course, you might need to change your friends to realign yourself.

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Don’t be afraid to correct your friends when they make mistakes.

What you should be careful of, is how to correct them.

Because sometimes, what you do to correct a mistake might be a mistake.

Judas betrayed Jesus. Yet, he sought out his second chance on the branches of a tree.

Peter denied Jesus. Yet, he sought out his second chance in the truth of his humility.

One was bedevilled with greed. The other was fighting a crisis of faith.

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