Nothing is ever gonna change until you move. It reminds me of the story of Bola.

Bola’s story would have been a good-enough cover to project (there’s never a perfect story), but she had lots of friends who, well, for a want of better phrase, I’d say ‘who could have helped her’. But then, stuff happened.

So, I am just gonna use the story of Praise and make Bola her friend. That’s only fair to her.

Don’t be surprised, I’m not a sadist. I just want to write a story.

When Praise got admission to study Pharmacology in the university, it was a dream come true. The first person she called was Bola.

“Hey babe, I’m so excited right now!” she screamed.

“The admission list is out, shey?” an unexcited Bola responded.

“Like seriously, it is out. I am so happy right now. I got the admission!” Praise shouted into the mouthpiece. She did a double take in her parent’s sitting room.

Her elder brother, an undergraduate at the same university looked at her and smiled.

“What’s so special about Pharmacology? Did you not want Medicine?” he taunted.

Praise rolled her eyes, “Like I care. I’m leaving this house finally. As in, I can’t wait to resume.” Bola interrupted on the phone.

“Hey babe, I’m still here o. I’m so happy for you. Did I hear Tolu say Pharmacology? Abi kini yen?”

“See ehn, na as e be we go take do am. The kingdom of God suffers violence and the violent take it by force. Even if it’s not the kingdom of God but the kingdom of Jesus, we will take it like that. Na trinity something. Omo iya ni won. Medicine and Pharmacology, na twins dem be.” She would have nobody dull her enthusiasm.

“I’m very happy for you, dear. ‘Anyhow is a how’, wasn’t that what Lolade said last year? I can imagine how she’s doing now. Like na to just japa!” they both laughed – even Tolu.

“Yes o. How far? Am I still seeing you this evening? Abi you’ve changed your plastic mind?” Praise asked.

“Even if I had changed my mind, this news is definitely bringing me over. I kuku don’t have another hair stylist. But wait, emi ni plastic mind yen o, abi?”

“Thank God you know. See you later”

“Congratulations girl! You deserve it! God will do our own soon,” Bola prayed.

“Amen in Jesus name. Everything na turn by turn.”

Bola dropped the call. Praise dropped the call and faced her brother. Tolu looked away.

“Hmmm. Finally, Praise has gotten admission. What about me? She even called me first. Haaa! See my life! Why me?” she looked up, “Mummy, why did you have to leave me alone?”

Huhn! Mummy? What has mummy got to do with this? Where did mummy go? I guess we will find out. Because na as the thing come I dey take write am. See you.



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I don’t want much;
only for you to see
or think of me
and smile like a torch

no, not laugh;
I ain’t no clown
no, a fool is always down
with memories of stupid gaffe
but smile;

a sincere smile
of stories, a thousand miles
of symphonies on heart eyes
that although time burnt away
I’ll still your world sway



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