dear young woman

DEAR YOUNG WOMAN: A Conversation Lesson

Dear young woman,

Picture this phone convo.

Boy: What’s the problem?

Girl: Nothing.

(Seven minutes of back and forth…)

Girl: Babe, I think I should go. I need to get myself.

Boy: Babe, if you go, there’s no guarantee you would come back better. Why not wait and let me make you better.

Girl: (grumbles for three seconds) I don’t know what to say to that.

Boy: Don’t say anything. Just listen.

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dear young man

Dear Young Man Series: Going Higher and Forward

Dear young man,

Do you understand what it means to grow higher and forward?

Let me explain using a ladder and a conventional stairway as examples (ladders are special types of stairways too).

Ladders are structures built straight to climb higher in such a way that each rung is placed directly above, but not forward, the last one.

Which means, going higher requires you step on each rung above the other in a vertical upward manner (like elevators).

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