Don’t be afraid to correct your friends when they make mistakes.

What you should be careful of, is how to correct them.

Because sometimes, what you do to correct a mistake might be a mistake.

Judas betrayed Jesus. Yet, he sought out his second chance on the branches of a tree.

Peter denied Jesus. Yet, he sought out his second chance in the truth of his humility.

One was bedevilled with greed. The other was fighting a crisis of faith.

The two thieves on Jesus’ sides were rightfully condemned.

One scorned Jesus. He wanted a second chance through blackmail.

The other revered Jesus. He sought his second chance in humility.

Sometimes, we will fail. Could be due to individual mistakes, economic crisis, social constructs or just plain, old fashioned greed.

Whichever way, we will always have second chances.

Will you be Judas the Carrot? Or Peter whose name ends like a carpenter, maybe stick?

Stick and carrot approach, yeah?