I was at the bank over a year ago (Sept 5th, 2019) to complain about something that got me frustrated the previous day. That is to show you I wasn’t excited about visiting the banking hall. On the typically long queue, a beautiful young lady approached each of us, heard our complaints and proceeded to make our reporting smooth.
She got to me, and I replied her good afternoon with my signature smile and a hearty good afternoon. Fast forward to a couple of explanations, she gave me a form to fill. Afterwards, I said my thank you with a smile and waited for my turn to meet the almighty customer service agent.

On my way out, I glimpsed her in a discussion with another agent. I caught her attention and said again, “Thank you for earlier”. She was momentarily shocked. Once she made the connection, she gave back a very big, cute smile that spoke a million languages. Shock gave way to gratitude, then relief.
Then I realized, she really appreciated the ‘thank you’ and now accepts that they were genuine. And indeed, they were. Here’s the kicker.
It’s not impossible that she had been repeating that same routine for the whole day until she met me. And it could be a thankless job. We could claim she was doing what she is being paid for. My question is this however, so what if she was? That does not take away the fact that she deserves to be appreciated for it. She’s probably not asking to be tipped nor noticed, just a smile with a thank you will do.
There’s an innate desire in everyone to be appreciated; king or slave, master or servant, young or old, angel or demon. Everyone wishes to be seen doing what is appreciable and hopes to receive the appropriate ‘thank you’.
The lady of today probably must have attended to grouchy customers with senses of entitlement and bossy attitudes. She must have dialogued with the sober ones who just want to be out of the hall and back to their lives. While some would have appreciated her and probably did others, it must have been just another day in the office for them.
Can we please learn to say thank you to those whose dealings with us are out of obligation or office courtesy? It is not only favors that deserve a thank you. We meet many people daily who transact with us, where in we pay for their services and probably pay their salaries through our transactions.
Yet, I encourage you to say thank you with a smile. Whether you mean it or not, do it. How so? It will go a long way to relieve the on-the-job stress of the other person and could ignite their passion and enthusiasm from when they met you. You may not even mean it but. no offence, that is your business (we will deal with that later) but it might mean a lot to them.
Maybe some workers in offices are passionless and emotionless because of we, customers. Don’t leave them without imprinting on them a positive, beautiful vibe. Let them take a stock of their day at night and be able to point to their encounter with you as the moment that brightened their day.
Mind you, I must have said a lot of thank you in that banking hall to the security men and customer service agents today that makes me feel this good about myself. I’m happy because I put a smile on someone else’s face. You should experience this feeling too.
Updated today, 22 May, 2021.
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