It is actually very easy to respect someone’s internet private space once you understand why they need it. Be it Facebook wall, private inbox on all their social media profiles, WhatsApp status and even mobile phone numbers.

These are the few reasons we all need and protect our online spaces:

1. Anonymity

For the privilege of anonymity people enjoy on the internet, it is easy to consider all spaces you own as private. There’s a mental ‘possessiveness’ that comes with owning something people do not always think of as first choice of contact.

Hence, invading this space is psychologically considered an intrusion. It’s reflex.

2. Therapy

Moment of truth: people don’t live their lives online. No matter how much you spend online, the living of that life is lived outside the internet.

Hence, it is logical for some people to consider their online spaces as therapy sessions to release the tensions built up during the process of living. People would come here to laugh, learn and let live. Others would come to teach, influence and anything they find valuable.

Therefore, it is very insensitive to barge in into a therapy session, demanding audience and still think to go unscathed.

3. Standard

Everybody in the world has a standard of experience they hold themselves to. Whether high or low, no man lives his life without guiding principles.

Based on these principles, an online space is an both an extension and a resource. These standards come to play in their posts, interactions, kinds of company they keep and the groups they join.

As a result of these, it would be wrong of you to think you could attempt to deflate or even reform these standards into your own conception of principles.


The best you can do as a person is to use your own personal private space to whether preach a message and/or attempt to influence people based on your own concept of all the aforementioned three needs for a private space.

And in doing this, you must not seek to impose, directly change or forcefully trounce your anonymity, therapy and standard on others.

We are all just trying to live a life, after all.

I hope this helps someone.