Oh would I have tongues like fire
Burning with brimstone and sulphur
Acidic bullets coated with led innings
Never enough will it be enough

Never enough were the tears I shed
When I fell on the road to hell
Never enough were the help I got
On my sojourn back to heaven
Never enough will it be enough

The crocodile fears, when they swallowed
My tears, made me bitter and like a beater,
I beat the hell out of my cares, knowing
They would never be enough for me

Never enough. Never enough were the
Naysayers and whore mongers who tied me
Down, tied me down to the bite of their tongues
And the whips of the hate, Judases and Simons
Never enough were late night skies of demons

I thought I was never enough to fight and win
It was never enough that I had people round me
People who amongst were friends and foes
Enemies and families, they were never enough

Never enough was the inner strength I puked
I puked them like they were the fish I ate last
Night on my way to bed with a harlot
Never enough was my courage that made me
Spit in the faces of the gods, even with my dagger

I thought I was never enough for myself and
So I cried towards the skies from whence cometh my help
I knew it was never about me, and I will never be enough
I was told the world needs me, but they forgot to tell me that I am never enough
Never enough to bear the pain nor bare my weakness
I was never enough and I will be never enough


I am never enough to contain his glory for I am
Nothing but a vessel of clay sized for the day
I am never enough because I am hay, quick to burn and food for the horses strayed
I am never enough for I am dew, falling in the morning, dried off in the moon
I am never enough since I am glassy, never classy in the master’s axis
I am never enough for it will be never enough

So here’s my confession; I am never enough for you
I am never enough for all of you so I want more
More of you can never fill the enough of me cause I am never enough
I am never enough, oh Lord.
Fill me with more, you are more than enough.