There is a story of a man who’s only offence of being dumped with a ‘killer’ ark of covenant was just having a house off the road.

I love the way the Message Bible puts it; “Instead, David removed it off the road and to the house of Obed-Edom the Gittite.” (II Sam 6: 10b).

Apparently, they were ‘on the road’, something tragic happened, and David, anointed David, angry first and then feared, diverted the trajectory of the ark ‘off the road’ into the house of someone.

I don’t know if he intended Obed-Edom to die or whatever. He probably wasn’t thinking of that. Or probably it was the case of one family against a whole nation.

What however, is interesting, is this; just three months with Obed-Edom, God, not the ark, blessed him and and his entire household.

It is interesting because Obed-Edom received the ark which probably he knew just killed Uzzah. He received it, probably because it was the king who was asking.

Imagine what each of these characters were thinking?

I imagine Uzzah having a dialogue with God, “I only wanted to prevent the ark from falling.”

David thinking, “Why would Uzzah do such a stupid thing? This day should be a good day, why such a mysterious death?”

And Obed-Edom probably thinking, “Surely, my family and I will die like Uzzah.”

All these characters had valid points, I think. But this is what I think God was thinking;

“I need to bless Obed-Edom. I need to protect my sanctity and cleanse my ark. I need to show David how not to be afraid.”


I’m just throwing thoughts around, please. Just thinking.

Another thing I find interesting is, after three months, news reached David of Obed-Edom’s change in fortune and so called to bring the ark out.

Interestingly, just after six steps, he sacrificed again. Why? I think he was still scared.

After this sacrifice, now, he danced with all his might. He probably was thinking, “Lemme test it first. If nothing happens after the seventh step, and after my sacrifice, I’ll know the ark doesn’t kill again.”

Like I said, I’m only randomly thinking. But in all, this thought is for Obed-Edom.

I learnt how God blesses, using what others think will be your death. I learnt how Obed-Edom learnt obedience and submission to an authority.

I learnt how God changes lives. He doesn’t need long years; three months was enough to change the fortune of Obed-Edom.

In all, I learnt to always be hopeful as long as God is involved. To never give up as long as God is involved.

God killed Uzzah but blessed Obed-Edom. In the process of doing that, He calmed down David’s fear. All three went home happy; except Uzzah of course.