By Tolulope Isaac

“Your success is not only yours. It’s Nigeria’s success. Generations’ unborn successes”
…two sides of the coin

The atmosphere surrounding our political transition in the past few weeks is no doubt very much heated and tensed. You and I know that quite alright. Social media and press outfits buzz by the second with hit and run innuendoes, sarcastic bullets of words and outrageously death-wishing advertorials. The latest and most noticeable happenstance being the death-wish advertorial sponsored by Gov. Peter Ayodele Fayose of Ekiti State on Punch and Sun Newspapers against you-know-who. It is therefore not out of place if I opine that Nigeria’s political climate is at the highest degree of Fahrenheitial (my word) heat. All issues surrounding politics now are on high alert with strict sensitivity and no margin for error whatsoever.

#GEJ and #GMB as their acronyms popularised them to be are obviously front runners in this propaganda race that seems unending and trust-shattering. They, by all means are individuals who has got to a stage in their political lives where they could RETIRE in its contextual sense. Do you wonder my point? If you don’t already, look up on the newest and second advertorial in this week by the one and same, Gov. Fayose.

So here we go again. My plea goes to all Nigerian youths. I am beckoning you to remember, evaluate and take precautionary measures.

I am very certain that after this season of elections, we all will be back to base. By then, what will really count is not who we voted for but what plans we have for ourselves when “whoever” emerges triumphant after the electioneering process wraps up.

We are always used to get the seat and left to rot (if you get that). However, I plead with us this hour, this need stop. It has to stop!

Vote, go home, plan your life, be successful and contribute to Nigeria as a person. Believe you me, they will not and cannot fulfil all their promises. But then, you can promise yourself to be the solution you want and little force on earth can prevent that from happening. Your success is not only yours. It’s Nigeria’s success. Generations’ unborn successes. Take charge of your life while you can and own up to your teeming responsibilities. Never allow the heated polity cloud away your primary sense of focus and horned purpose. Get it right and push it forward.

I spoke and you would say I did.

Tolulope Isaac is a banker with one of the new generation banks. An advocate for freedom of the mind, he convened the highly publicized and well attended Prison Break, Ile-Ile. He is also an Ambassador for Rescue Team for Nations, an NGO committed to raising eggheads who will launch into nations and cause oriental changes. He is also a music producer and song writer. Follow him on twitter through @tolulopeisaac1 or email