Hey guyz. How do you do? I am fine. Thanks for asking. I am obliged to narrate an ordeal. Mind if I do? Thank you.

You see, 2face alongside MI in there song, ‘Nobody’ said and I quote “If nobody talks about you, then you are nobody – whether na truth or na lie them dey talk”. True enough? By the way, the song was beautiful.

Well, I am me and here I am, before the court waiting to be judged.

Here comes the court clerk, her grace on his heels. ‘All stand!’ the clerk bellows. I almost wilted.

Now, my sins – call them charges if you will. “On this day, the day of our Lord, you are charged to this honorable court (what is so honorable about our judicial system these days?) to face judgement on an 11-count charge and they go as follows;
Ø  that you proudly exercise your intelligence,
Ø  that you try to influence others’ opinions which differ from yours,
Ø  that you think less of the rights, property and privileges of others,
Ø  that you imagine your Kin and yourself to be privileged people,
Ø  that you believe a spiritual heritage entitles you to utilize the resources of nature,
Ø  that you believe other people should think and live as you do,
Ø  that you think success in life solely depends on happiness, family and heaven,
Ø  that you seek to pursue superiority of profession by ensuring others their opportunity for advancement,
Ø  that you think the mind of people should be disregarded by reason rather than by force,
Ø  that you think a land of man’s birth must not necessarily be the place of his livelihood – and death probably,
Ø  and that you believe the God you faith is the one others should accept.

How do you plead? Guilty or not?” (Imagine, not even guilty or innocent!)

Funny, don’t you think? But it’s alright. Not everyone will understand my passion, reason and way of life. They don’t need to anyway. After all, I am me. So, you wouldn’t mind if I plead to all, NOT GUILTY!

For the record, I love being me. I love myself and what I do. I therefore apologize to no one. I believe that everyman for himself, God for all only mean everyman has a right to his ways, thoughts and privileges but God for all brings us under one tent of unity. So, I wouldn’t mind people talking about me. I live my life the way I would to please Him that I serve and I leave others to do same. Perchance, along the way, we will meet up and exchange notes. Or what do you think?

So next time you walk down the road and you discover withered accusing fingers pointed at you for any of these offences, please do well to ignore them. They talk behind you because you are standing in front of them. Some are jealous because you will never be one of them. Some on the other hand, just need attention, like Mr. Ayedee of the Linda Ikeji recent saga. If you can spare some, please do. If you can’t, do well to move on. You will meet where you will. By then, explanations will be useless and forgiveness will be needless.

No one has the prerogative to make you what you will not make yourself. On the other hand, should you be leading a verminous life and you know it, well, as I cannot deracinate you, I can only take an advisory seat. Desist if you will. If you will not, the end always justifies the means. Nemesis is a bitch. I’m sure you know that already.

Till we meet, in court or outside of it, learn to love yourself before you expect anyone to. Believe it or not, the degree to which you love you will determine the extent to which anyone will love you. Him only that can judge has scheduled the date for the end of time, until then, stay safe.


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