You don’t always need a change of clothes, maybe you only need to smile more to go with the ones you already have. Of course, you might need to change your clothes to reflect your realignment, sometimes.

You don’t need a change of friends, you only need to work on being your type of friendly. You are reflection of what you attract, and keep. Of course, you might need to change your friends to realign yourself.

You don’t need more money, you only need to give more. Givers don’t lack for ever. Farmers might not have all the money in the world, but they will always have food. Of course, you might need to work for more money to give more, sometimes.

You don’t need more capacity to give, you only the need the heart. More money don’t mean more giving. It is a habit to cultivate from an understanding heart. Of course, working more might mean more capacity to give more money, sometimes.

In all, there are two things you need to understand.

  1. Life is not always about getting a new, complete makeover of life. You must be wise enough to know when to change and when to improve.
  2. There’s no absolute in life! Whatever you choose to think, act upon and react, you must be wise enough to know there’s no finality in them.

Ultimately, the only constant is change and God is that change because He is only one outside the concept outside of it. Once he’s in control, you will flow fine.

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©️ Deji Adeyemi