Meet Me, Deji Adeyemi

Hi! First off the bat, I want to say it’s good to have you stop by here. Thank you, and it’s an honour to introduce myself and brand to you.

As you must already know, I am Deji Adeyemi (no surprises). I like to write my thoughts in many ways; WhatsApp, email marketing, content writing on social media and the works, you know. I love to see myself as a support system (honestly, I am). I really, really enjoy having good influence on my circle, encouraging them to rise to the standard.

For your ease, I’m going to briefly list one or two specific things me and my brand. Yeah, let’s get technical and professional (I’m not that serious in real life though).

  • POETRY: I have authored a poetry collection book, Colours of Identity. The collection really brings to fore my ideas of the world and humans as I painted the colours of our many identities with words. You should get yourself a free copy via here. Needless to say, I love words. My whole craft is based on that love.
  • CREATIVE’S HUB: As a content writer amongst other things, you will understand why creativity is a big deal for me. Because of this, I created a group on Facebook, Creative’s Hub where creatives come to share ideas that boost and ease the creative process. Ultimately, the goal is to provide value & influence.
  • THOUGHT WRITING: Over time, I discovered there was a particular name to my style of writing, and interestingly, most people don’t know nor realize it. To help them on a very basic level, I wrote a simple manual to help the thought writing process. You should definitely download your copy through here and share with everyone in your circle.
  • IDEA & PRODUCT BRANDING: As a creative, I have the penchant to see details most other people won’t and helps me to pay attention to details that could be the difference in projecting a product or brand idea. So, yeah, I help small business owners and professionals recreate their ideas and product for maximum market influence and profit maximization. You should check out some of the brands I work with on the homepage.
  • GHOSTWRITING & EDITING: I hope not to say much here. I have worked with countless authors and writers in producing qualitative writing materials and produce to the larger audience, both as a ghostwriter and editor. That’s kind of ‘my thing’. Why do I do it? To be honest, I have a thing for good books and quality standard. It drives me.
  • EDUCATION: I am a student of Education in the International Teachers College at the Universitas Pelita Harapan, Indonesia (affiliate of Corban University, US) and a Certified Brand by the University of Virginia, US.

Finally, I am open to speaking engagements and online training. Send an email to By the way, I’m @dejiadeyemitcs across all social media platforms. Send me a DM/friend request, let’s connect.