Meet Deji Adeyemi

My name is Deji Adeyemi, I am all about poetry, thoughts, influence and as many things you can squeeze in between. I write and create contents that has the capacity to influence, instruct and maybe make you want to think about something.

I am really into poetry. I like to see it as a channel of creativity. Not to mention, I love words and their ability to start a process in the mind. Wanna know one of my super powers? I am friendly and friend worthy. Plus I love observing nature, spending some moment alone (I’m an introvert), reading novels and I love water!

I am a Thought Writer. Thought Writing is a style of writing I am passionate about because I believe it is a blend of storytelling with an inspired mind strolling technique to project thoughts. I am committed to attracting attention to it and teaching lots and lots of people about it.

I have not failed to mention I am into idea and product branding, have I? Oh yeah, it’s a passion. I help small business owners, especially young individuals who are just starting up with nothing but an initial idea. With my insight, I have been helped about six brand initiatives into becoming viable and flouring brands. If you ever need a consultant for any idea or product, I am all yours.

I do contenting writing and editing on a professional level. I am so into seeing quality literary materials out there in the hands of readers and on shelves of personal libraries.

I am a student of Education in the International Teachers College at the Universitas Pelita Harapan, Indonesia (affiliate of Corban University, US) and a Certified Brand by the University of Virginia, US. When I am not playing mobile games or seeing American action movies, I am surfing the net and connecting with friends, strangers and would-be clients on social media. I’m a kind of WhatsApp person ’cause I love texting a lot.

I am open to speaking engagements and online training. Just send an email to

Would you like to be my friend on social media? You can easily find me with @dejiadeyemitcs across all social media platforms. Though, I am mostly active on Facebook, yeah.