In the dorm here, we take turns in washing the laundry & rest rooms every week in groups. Yesterday, it was my group’s turn. I got sinks & mirror… While washing the sink, I discovered one particular sink was the dirtiest. Why, I wondered and then I realized the faucet wasn’t working.

In context, there are seven sinks (that is, seven faucets). Typically, the dirtiest was the one not working. I figured, someone could start to use it only to discover, no water. No need staying around then, he moves to the next, which works, leaving behind the dirt, unwashed.

Of course, we could talk about how they know it doesn’t work but still use it. Maybe. Even if there isn’t a sign that screams, ‘DO NOT USE!’

Let’s talk about you.

Do you realize you could be dirty cause you’re faulty?

That people come to you for value but they leave you and move on the next good thing because it’s not working with you? Or put this way, do you have what it takes to give people value when they come to you?

Maybe why you sometimes feel unproductively stressed, less appreciated and valueless is because you actually haven’t identified any value you could offer. So, when people come to you or simply look up to you (as they always will), within minutes, they realize you are empty, faulty and have no ‘water’.

Unfortunately, they’ve already started unburdening. Telling you their problems, needs and how you could help them. Most times, these are mere words. But words in their very nature, cannot be taken back once said. So when they leave, those words remain with you. The words and their effects, but with no water to clean… It’s sad, really.


Way out?

Fix it!

Fix you.

Ask for help.

Get water.

Water refreshes itself way before it does someone or something else.

So, get water (value) and refresh yourself.

Read books. Go on retreats.

Be more self aware. Return to the basics.

Communicate with friends. Create a network of value.

And of course, have a great week!❣

Did you get value?!

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