There is this American guy who has come to church for the past three weeks in the same clothes – same shirt, same brown pants, same dark red trainers and believe it or not, same bow tie.

Today again, I marveled at it. Same clothes every Sunday for the past three weeks and I ask myself, “Was it forced or a choice?”

In retrospection, I look back at the life I have lived thus far and a question frequently pops up as I try to make sense of the outcomes; “Was it forced or a choice?”

I ask myself, “Could I have done it differently? Would that have changed the outcome?”

Life is what it is – cause and effect.

Your very existence is premised by that reality. The sexual interaction that produced you as born was product of a passionate cause, and perhaps, a loving exchange and you are the effect.

Every of your daily interactions with friends, foes, and family is chiefly exemplified by the actions you have taken or not taken and the effect becomes another cause for another effect, and the chain goes on.

Hence, everything you do, forced or ‘choiced’ is a slave to this reality, cause and effect. It may be your cause or not, may even be your effect or not, the presence of this reality stands tall above you.

Next question; “What would you do if you knew the future?”

The future is although, a system of reality that is yet to be seen, is still an array of information that could be accessible through deduction from the present.


How? By the same principle of life as revealed above – cause and effect. Simply put, what would become of you tomorrow can be deduced except by an ultimate cause.

Therefore, if you would ever love to have a piece of the future, you must activate that innate part of you that realizes the reality of cause and effect.

But remember, God is the ultimate cause and eternity, is the ultimate effect.

It’s like watching highlights of a football match already played… You know the final score, but do not know the process leading there.

Your life right now, comprises the little causes and effects that form the process. The scoreline is not in doubt…

As you begin a new month, don’t forget to work, pray and watch. Chances are good, but the nature of chances is uncertainty. Leave little or nothing to chance. Welcome to November!

Happy New Month.