The day love would find me
In the eyes of my son
Is the day I would shame milk
Relinquishing it to you, my Sun.

Silence will not be golden the day you come
Everyone will need you to cry!
Oh my baby! Sing the song of tears
Tell us the stories of foetal fears
That you had growing within years!

My son, I’ll tell you stories
Stories of how your mum and I made you
I will tell you we made love to make you
Reason why you are the object of our love.

I’ll tell you how we moaned
On the bed in our homeโ€ฆ
Reason why the sound of your tears
Brought pride to my earsโ€ฆ

I’ll tell you how we named you
Your mum in the comfort of my arms
While I rested from the delicacy she made
Like a satisfied Esau and a virtuous Delilahโ€ฆ

My son, one day when you come of age
As a proud father, I’ll tell you stories
I’ll write your name in my thoughts
Your mummy will carry you in her hearts
We will hold your hands to school
And drive you to churchโ€ฆ

My son, together we will plan for the girls
I will teach you to win hearts without breaking them
I will show you the game of confidence
I will help you learn how to treat women

My son, but your mummy will feed you
Teaching you the respect of women
She will teach you how to cook and clean
You will receive lessons on help meeting.

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Together, we will raise a king.
My son, I cannot wait to meet you.