Dear God.

Emi ni (it’s me).

It’s night in some parts of the world, while it’s clear morning in others, how do you stay up all round listening to all of us? Yeah, I know your word says you never sleep nor slumber, but mehn, how do you do it so perfectly?

Okay okay, still you said through your boy, Jesus, you are the only perfect one. I know. I guess that explains it.

But wait, even if does explain it, why do I still feel the inclination to wanna know?

Oh! Okay. You said the spirit of God searches the deep things of God . And since it is in your right to hide the mysteries but my honour as a king to search it out, I daily seek to know.

The astonishing beauty is, you always reveal. Okay okay, I get.

I’m sorry for asking questions and answering them in the same breathe. I only do that because your word is complete and infallible. And more importantly, your spirit in me is in tune with the letters of the word.

Yesterday in church, the preacher (who is a retired pilot) told us the story of being trained as a pilot. He narrated a particular style of training – flying in the dark of the night, all a pilot has as guide are his gadgets and instruments lined up in front of him on the cockpit – lights lighting everywhere.

Yet, once in a while, the instructor intentionally switches off the cockpit lights and boom, the entire panel is dead. No, not dead exactly. They are actually still working, the pilot just can’t see them.


First lesson to the pilot, NEVER PANIC.

Second lesson, always bring a FLASHLIGHT during night piloting.

I find it interesting really, God. The heart of man and the world is like flying in the night with the cockpit lights switched off. The darkness of this world with its logic and reprobate thinking threatens to crash us.

Beautifully though, your Holy Spirit is the flashlight. We don’t have it, we crash. Your word is our stress button; we panic, we press it and we are reassured. Jesus, our light.

Many times, I’ve been thrown in the  dark like that. People put me forward and then let me go. Sometimes though, I put myself forward. Dangerously falling, and off the edge of the cliff. I’ve fallen and panicked a couple of times, God. Thank you for your parachute of Grace. I’ve never crashed.

I didn’t exactly come here to say something, really. I just came to talk. Thank you for the opportunity to talk. It’s a pleasure of my spirit talking with you.

See you soon, God.